Tulsa Loses Their WNBA Team To Dallas

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The Tulsa Shock will be relocated to the DFW area in 2016. The WNBA owners approved the move unanimously. The team will play at College Park Center on the campus of UT Arlington pending approval by the Board of Regents.

The move was announced on Thursday by the WNBA Board of Governors, putting the team in official a lame-duck season.
Laurel J. Richie, WNBA President was quoted as saying “The WNBA is extremely grateful to the city of Tulsa and the team’s loyal fans. The support they have shown for the Shock and women’s professional basketball over the past six seasons has been tremendous.

We look forward to having our first team based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

The team had its most successful season with a 10-8 record and sitting at 3rd place in the Western Division. There are still 9 games left to be played at the BOK Center.

Stuart Price, a minority owner, file a lawsuit Monday stating that the he was told the team would “remain in Tulsa” when he invested $250,000. The minority owners were not privelaged to the relocation information according to the lawsuit.

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Tulsa Is Ready For Janet Jackson!

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UNBREAKABLE, Janet’s Jackson’s world tour is coming through Tulsa January 27, 2016 and the fans are ready. Tickets went on sale July 20th and are going quick. This is performer is unstoppable and because of her North American fans, she has been dubbed BET Awards’ Ultimate Icon honoree. This multi-GRAMMY® Award-winner that has sold multiple platinum albums, set up this second leg to her world tour to say thank you to all of her fans.

This second North American leg will have Ms. Jackson traveling to 27 cities to give her fans the performance they will never forget. The new music that will be performed by Janet will give every fan just what they’ve been asking for.

The doors at the BOK Center will open at 7pm on Wednesday January 12, 2016 and it is expected fans will be lining up way earlier than that. Janet Jackson is an influential entertainer to the world and is excited to be back on stage performing the music from her upcoming album that will be released this Fall.

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2015 Celebrity Gossip and News

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2015 Celebrity Gossip and News

They keep us entertained, informed and always watching for their latest trends in fashion, drama and gossip. They are the Hollywood celebrities. Indeed they do make life one beauty and also ugly spectacle at times. 2015 is halfway done and our dear celebrities have not let us down in giving us something to always take about. If you thought this year would be different, then you thought right because the things these celebrities have got us talking about are quite the rib crackers to the jaw dropping stuff.

jay zWe all know Beyonce and Jay Z to be nothing short of the world’s super couple not forgetting richest and highest paid. Well, 2015 saw a change to all this when Forbes’ listed the ever break up song hit artiste Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris as the highest paid couple. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris bagged a total of $146 million to secure the number one spot while Jay Z and Beyonce followed in close at second place with $110.5 million dollars. Am sure this will not last long for Swift and probably she will be writing one of those break up songs when beyonce takes over again.

Kim Kardashian is a rather a homely celebrity name right? The wife to the famous Kanye West. 2015 also saw new drama in the Kardashian household. From the yloungest Kardashian who is only 17 years old dating the 26 year old rapper Tyga and believe it or not her sisters have no problem with it. To add on to that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian encouraged a lip puffing surgery for their youngest sister so that she could acquire that perfect pout and lips. To Kim700_kim_kardashian_45995997 Kardashian, this year gave her an almost end to career scare following Humphries divorce. She was so assured that her career was over to the extent that she even asked her sisters to save their money lest she was unable to fend for them.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were once the cutest young couple in Hollywood and their break up took a great toll on Bieber as opposed to Gomez. It is so bad that Justin Bieber would do anything to profess the love he still has for Selena who actually could not care any less. Selena has really moved on this year to the extent that when she ran into Bieber at a party with her pal Ed Sheeran, she practically pulled every stunt to avoid him.

The Supreme Court in the USA has finally lifted the ban on gay marriages and who celebrated these news promptly? None other than Jonathan Knight. Upon the SCOTUS ruling, Jonathan did not waste time taking his boyfriend’s name on twitter. Well all those 635574183189279513-461836568celebrities who were secretly hiding in the closet can officially come out without fear.

Let us not forget about Caitlyn Jenner and her gender transition from male to female. President Barrack Obama did not fail to notice this transgender matter and went on ahead to thank the Americans for accepting Caitlyn Jenner and her new identity.

2015 is only halfway through and already the celebrities are throwing us off the roof with their daily drma and life. What the remaining half of the year has in store is bound to be juicy news and gossip at least for us specially delivered by our hollywood celebrities.

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Same-Sex Marriage: The Latest Civil Right In USA

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Same-Sex Marriage: The Latest Civil Right In USA

It was jubilation for same-sex advocates throughout the US on Friday, after a landmark ruling that ended several years of civil rights battle between those who advocate for same-sex marriage and the authorities. Amid a deeply divided courthouse, that took a 5 to 4 win, now the gay community will have every reason to smile across all states in the US. It is now possible for same-sex couples to freely marry wherever they may be in the US.
According to Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, the court’s decision was not out of any expeditious session but a ruling that was based on facts. The landmark ruling legal-same-sex-marriagewas arrived at based on the expanding gay rights throughout the world particularly the US. “Under the US constitution, the legal treatment that opposite-sex couples receive should be exactly the same as those that same-sex couples deserve. If we deny them this basic right, it would diminish their personhood and disparage their fundamental choices,” said Justice Kennedy. Those who participated in the ruling were Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth B. Ginsburg, and Stephen G. Breyer. On the other hand, the court’s four most conservative members dissented to the ruling by each writing down separate opinions. The four are CJ. John Roberts Jr., Justice Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Justice Antonin Scalia. The four argued that their counterparts’ decision usurped people’s power on the matter.

The ruling comes nearly 50 years after a riot occurred in New York’s Stonewall about the gay rights. According to many observers, the ruling has ended thelgbt-survey-story-top stigmatization of the gay community not only in the US, but also for those who embrace civil rights in other parts of the world. “Judge Kennedy’s eloquent language on the matter spoke of the basic fundamental rights of family values, liberty, and love,” many advocates observed.

Equal Dignity At Last

When talking to the media, Kennedy said that the gay community’s hope should not be condemned. They should not feel that they live in a world crippling with loneliness. He observed that same-sex couple should not be let to feel that they are abandoned but have faith in one of the oldest civilization institutions. He went on to say that since they are asking for equal dignity from the same law that governs opposite-sex couples, the constitution will grant them since it is enshrined therein. When reading the ruling’s key sentence which stated that same-sex couple should from Friday

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26th June 2015 have equal rights as same-sex couples, supporters of gay marriage that filled the public gallery went into tears.

Those who opposed the ruling, on the other hand, felt as if the court jeopardized other areas. Justice Antonin Scalia for instance, wrote, this is a threat to the American democracy. Today’s decree does not have any major personal importance. It is however astounding in my case, is that hubris reflected in this judicial Putsch.” On his, dissent CJ. John Roberts wrote saying, “Here, there is absolutely nothing concerningthe constitution of United States.” Even as there are mixed reactions on the ruling, it is now evident that a new civil right – same sex marriage legal in US is effective from Friday, 26 June 2015.

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